About us

A little about IRIS Advertising.

About IRIS Advertising

IRIS is a digital design agency based in Cairo, Egypt. We specialise in responsive web design and front end development. We also offer services in graphic design, logo design and brand development, social media and content strategies, and printings solutions.

Our aim is to work with you to setup your digital footprint and expand your views! We work with you to define the vision and scale of your digital and print design projects to make sure you never lose focus and deliver on the aim of your project.

We are extremely passionate about clean and minimal print and web design. We strive to deliver our best work, with your help, to achieve your project goals.
In all of our print and web design projects, the user is the focus. Each project we start is taken from the user’s perspective and grows from there.
We work with you throughout any project to ensure that you get the best out of us. Think of us like an extra pair of hands that can help with all things design/code related.

About Founder

Mohammed Magdy is an Egyptian software engineer and entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of IRIS, and Owner of Stroker Car Tuning & accessories stores.

 Mohammed has over 15 years of experience working in different leadership positions in different environments including web development, Graphic Design, project management and Sales.

Although Mohammed has worked with several businesses of varying size over the years, IRIS continues to be the most important one to him and the closest to his heart out of all of them.
From a very early age, Mohammed has always known that he was distend to end up in the IT field, from his first summer program that included DOS, Windows, and Visual Basic, He was able to see computer science as a creative field that was about much more than getting grades. "It opened doors to internships and job opportunities" he says.

In 2003 Mohammed enrolled in University to earn his bachelor degree in computer science, Through his connections Mohamed was asked to create full websites for a number of his university professors, here he was reminded of the Jokers great saying “if you are good at something never do it for free”

During his university years Mohammed would also give small introduction to computer science/coding classes to other students in different universities.

Mohammed achieved his bachelor degree in computer science in 2007, he also received top grads for his graduation project, which was a strategy 3D game (multiplayer game through a network), done with C++ Language.

To find real work, Mohammed had to teach himself new technologies and skills, although it wasn’t easy. He studied JAVA, PHP, C# & Action Script and he started his first job in a software company in Cairo, Egypt as a junior software developer...

From day ONE, Mohammed was fascinated with the idea of owning his own business, it was his childhood dream, having a huge company in the IT field and a white BMW :D

Jobs once said, "People with passion can change the world for the better" and Mohammed took this to heart and hasn’t looked back since.

After a long and tedious career of freelance work and working without a legal brand name, in 2009 IRIS was officially established.

One of the many things Mohammed now has on his plate, is that he is now working towards earning his Master’s degree in Computer Science.